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Updated: Mar 28

Media outlets & influencers are covering the Total Solar Eclipse in the Green Mountain State and beyond. See what they have to say:

VT Digger
‘An extra seasonal pop’: Vermont businesses see dollar signs in eclipse traffic in the middle of mud season,
local businesses are preparing for a boost in the state’s economy due to the total solar eclipse on April 8. 

By Babette Stolk March 27, 2024, 5:11 pm

Total solar eclipse merch. Photo courtesy of Lynn Luczkowski/Moon over Vermont

umbraphile n. an avid observer of, or a person with a great interest in, eclipses.

ORIGIN: From Latin umbra ‘shade’ + Greek philos ‘loving.’

Upper Valley umbraphiles — and umbraphile wannabes — take note: in the parlance of a NASA spacecraft launch, it’s T-minus 39 days and counting until a total eclipse of the sun will cut a path across a wide swath of Vermont on Monday afternoon, April 8.

Regional sky watchers are gearing up for what for most people is a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle of immense proportions. And now a pair of Quechee residents — Lynn Luczkowski and F.X. Flinn — have emerged as the Green Mountain State’s premiere eclipse gurus, helping Vermonters navigate through the maze of information online and in print regarding eclipse chasing.

In December, Luczkowski — a retired publicist in the worlds of academia and athletics — established a website called Moon Over Vermont that is chock full of detailed information and how-to instructions for the best ways and places to experience the 2024 total solar eclipse. For his part, Flinn — an avowed umbraphile and an information technology consultant who is currently the chair of ECFiber, the East Central Vermont Community Fiber Network — is blogging about all things total eclipse, including posting on his friend Luczkowski’s stellar website. To read more, click: Vermont's view- the upcoming total eclipse of the sun | The Vermont Standard

By Tommy Gorman


A total solar eclipse and once in a lifetime celestial extravaganza is happening April 8 and a group of Vermonters are celebrating the event with "Moon Over Vermont."

QUECHEE, Vermont – April is synonymous with one of the most prestigious and watched sporting events in the world, the Masters. But days before the 2024 Augusta edition begins, a much grander spectacle will occur – April 8th – the total solar eclipse.

When the moon passes the front of the sun it will stretch across Mexico, the United States and Canada. An estimated 43 million people reside in the path of totality, while 31 million in North America have the opportunity to step outside and witness the sun’s corona during this event and witness the moon passing the front of the sun.

This once in a lifetime celestial extravaganza is generating immense excitement and is quite the warmup for Masters week,” said Lynn Luczkowski, a longtime golf executive who has introduced “Moon Over Vermont“, an online resource and merchandise line, designed to create fun, educational and informative ways to embrace this celestial extravaganza.

Lynn Luczkowski (r) , whose career in public relations spans 30 years, has organized a “Moon Over Vermont” lollapalooza April 8 when parts of North America will witness a total solar eclipse.

“Totality is something you cannot truly grasp until you experience it for yourself. It’s that once in a lifetime moment when it’s you, the moon totally blocking the sun, the planets, and the stars,” Luczkowski shared. “When you witness totality, you see the blackest of black circles in the sky the size of the moon or sun. You will never see such an absence of light surrounded by the light of the stars, and, most spectacularly, the soft, wavy, moving streamers of the sun’s corona.”

Luczkowski witnessed her first total solar eclipse in Madras Oregon in August 2017 and was committed to generating excitement and encouraging people to experience in some capacity, the surreal moment she had with her family. “We took a seat on the hard packed ground in an open field and witnessed a few magical minutes and that’s when I gained a newfound appreciation for the magnitude of our great planet.”

For the first time since 1918 an eclipse path will stretch from Texas to Maine. And for the first time since 1932, Vermonters will be in the path of totality, enjoying a -front-row seat to this once-in-a-lifetime (or century) celestial event.

“Moon Over Vermont” website is

A partial solar eclipse begins April 8 at 2:14 p.m., and then at 3:26 p.m., a total eclipse will darken Vermont’s daytime sky, lasting approximately three minutes. The phenomenon will continue as a partial eclipse until 4:37 p.m. It will start in the Pacific and first reach land over Mexico around 11:07 a.m. local time. NASA predicts it will cross over into Texas and move across parts of the Midwest and Northeast in the afternoon. If you miss the 2024 spectacle, you’ll have to wait 20 years until the next one hits the U.S. But that total eclipse will only be visible in Montana and the Dakotas.

Some projections say Vermont could experience more than 200,000 visitors for the Eclipse and tourism experts have already reported high demand for hotel and guest accomodations for early April.

NBC 5 - Where you can see the total solar eclipse and Moon Over Vermont feature


Upper Valley News Brief, January 10, 2024

Hey, it's just 89 days, 6 hours, 59 minutes, and 12, 11, 10, 9... seconds until the total eclipse. Upper Valley marketing consultant Lynn Luczkowski is all in on the April 8 event—and has been ever since she saw an eclipse in Oregon a few years back, she tells NBC-5's Liz Strzepa. "The change in the temperature, the skies, the way the birds and the nature actually altered in this moment in time was like nothing I ever really expected." So Luczkowski has launched a website (burgundy link)with info about the eclipse, events surrounding it, and, of course, merch to celebrate it. Meanwhile, Seven Days' Dan Bolles just went up with a piece on everything you need to know... including the fact that VT is the second cloudiest state, so fingers crossed.



Courtesy of Seven Days (

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