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Updated: Oct 3, 2023

MY First Total Eclipse, Madras, Oregon August 2017

Six years ago, experiencing a Total Solar Eclipse at the center of it all -- in Madras, Oregon -- I gained a newfound appreciation for the magnitude of our great planet. Prior to the big show, there was an eerie shift -- the temperature dropped, the surrounding skies were blanketed with a gray to black haze, and a serenading of birds took place while we stood in awe; still and quiet amidst thousands of sky gazers. And Mother Nature just did her thing...

We soon learned the Totality of the Eclipse would make its way to Vermont six years later, April 8, 2024, and I knew I would be present for an encore performance, but also wanted more people to experience the show. So, I'm spreading the word with friends, family, neighbors and anyone who will listen and look up (with eye protection, of course). It was and is worth taking a seat on a patch of grass (or mud), leaning up against your car or visiting a remote open space from a mountain or a field to experience this astronomical phenomenon. For many, you've already made your reservations as Vermont expects thousands of visitors.

Moon Over Vermont is about spreading the word and creating fun and informative ways to embrace this special moment in time. We also want to share what we love most about Vermont. As outdoor recreational enthusiasts and small business owners -- artists and marketers -- who live, work and play in Vermont, we are eager to share resources for this celestial extravaganza and the Green Mountain State. Meander around our site and check out our partners, the events and museums as well as things to do while you visit Vermont or are planning your next trip.

We wish you a great visit and welcome all with open arms.

Regards, Lynn

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