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Girl Scouts Patch

Updated: Mar 15

Moon Over Vermont

The Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains, and Home | Moon Over Vermont, are introducing a patch program, Discover the Solar Eclipse with Girl Scouts and Moon over Vermont, for Daisy through Ambassador Girl Scouts. The goal is to learn about the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse. The patch booklet will include a variety of activities to choose from and depending on age, girls complete activities to earn the patch based on the science of the eclipse, learned from experts on the event, participating in viewing the eclipse and other activities tied to the once in a lifetime event.

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Kara Reynolds
Kara Reynolds
Feb 09

Will there be a link to this badge here or should we contact someone for the info? Thanks for providing this special opportunity!

Lynn Luczkowski
Lynn Luczkowski
Feb 18
Replying to

If you want to purchase or need more information for the patch itself or the program, you should contact the Girl Scouts directly.

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