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Explore Vermont

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

SPRING IN VERMONT: While the Total Solar Eclipse will take center stage in April, there is much to do in Vermont come spring. Experience the outdoors with activities and events that include everything from hiking and maple sugaring (syrup) to fly fishing to spring skiing. The newborn farm animals will be out in abundance and craft beer is popular.

Come Explore one of Vermont's 67 mountains and breathtaking vistas (they don't call Vermont the Green Mountain State for nothing) whether you admire the views from the bottom or the top, it's worth checking out. List of mountains of Vermont - Wikipedia


There are many places to explore and stretch the legs in the Green Mountain State. Here are a few...

vermont state parks:

Vermont State Parks offer a wide variety of camping experiences in late spring, summer and fall. From drive-in camp sites, lean-to's, remote campsites, group camping areas, and even an inn-style lodges, you will be surrounded by Vermont's beautiful mountains, lakes, forests and fields. What is the right experience for you? Visit Vermont State Parks ( ( To plan your perfect trip, call at 1-888-409-7579.


There are thousands of acres of Vermont forest that have been permanently preserved as a part of a Vermont Land Trust conservation project. .....write about taking care of the land when hiking, camping, etc. possible tips and/or illustrations from Celia?

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