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Curiosity, THE MOON & the CLASSROOM

Updated: Feb 16

The Moon is a constant celestial companion and an outdoor classroom that will never leave us.

Just as teachers guide students and parents engage with their children, we all can have a hand in imparting knowledge. Moon Over Vermont has tapped a few teachers and astrology lovers who are as committed to learning as we are. Whether you're planning a field trip to witness the Total Solar Eclipse or simply curious, consider these resources.

The moon has inspired myths and legends, cultural and family traditions, movies, art, architecture, books, and poetry. It has inspired children to grow up to be astronauts and scientists. It has given people light on dark nights and influenced the rise and fall of the oceans. Whether read as bedtime stories, for science lessons, or as a part of family traditions, these books for children ages 0-9 offer a fascinating look at the magnificence of the Earth's moon.

Kids will enjoy reading this cute and informative solar eclipse book! This resource contains a simple reader about the solar eclipse in black and white. Simply print and go! Children can also color the pictures of the book while learning about the solar eclipse.

Teen news articles covering contemporary issues. Great for current events journaling, reading comprehension practice, summer enrichment lessons, substitute teacher plans, home school curricular support, or informally chatting with your teen at home.

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